Saturday, 8 September 2012

Ageing badly.

It was recently pointed out to me by a friend and neighbour that this blog had not been updated in some time! There was no denying the truth of this. Sadly it has been an example of an axiom that seems to apply too many areas of my life: full of good intentions, not much action.

The occasion for this discussion was a small gathering to celebrate/commiserate my 30th birthday. One of my three original postings was around the topic of my birthday so every birthday since it has been mentioned that my blog wasn't as up to date as it might be! On this particular evening someone pointed out that no-one really blogs anymore, not for fun anyway. Many news sites have blogs but in the past these would have been called articles or columns. It appears that blogging was a fad, now taken over by twitter or increased Facebook use. I resolved, there and then, ignoring the fact it had been five years since an update, that it would not be a fad for me. And here we are.

I had considered having a quick rant about turning 30. I hadn't been looking forward to it. Turns out it's not so different from being 29. Or 28 for that matter. Who'd have thought? So not much to say on that front. In the run up to my birthday most people seemed surprised I wasn't already 30. I Found that moderately offensive but perhaps it made it seem less of a big deal.

Anyway, that shall do for now. Here's hoping I'm just warning up for future posts. Keep checking, maybe see you in 5 years!


Princess Morag said...

two typos I'm afraid. But I did LOL :) And I've been reading blogs and blogging myself much more regularly recently (not a fad for me!)

Anonymous said...

Fad!! Have no idea what people are thinking about! Blogs are great and provide often needed pleasure and even more info than can be found on many official websites.
Time to get another blog up Colin - yer lagging behind:)

Anonymous said...

Five years! You haven't aged a bit! You looked 38 then too!