Monday, 10 September 2007

Birthdays and Unclehood

Having erroneously declared on this site that I had experienced 25 years this side of my mother’s womb, it was useful that a birthday came by recently to make it true. I’d like to say "thank you" to all those who sent birthday wishes. To those that didn’t – "don’t worry about it" (I’m sure you weren’t). Except, that is, my mother. With her I am slightly displeased.

Having made the trip from Edinburgh to the metropolis of Stewarton for lunch last week on the day before my birthday I had assumed there was some correlation between the lunch and my birthday. This, however, was not the case. Upon presenting my mother with her birthday card two days early (for those of you keeping up my mum’s birthday is the day after mine), I had expected something similar in return…. It was not to be.

Now, I’m aware that some readers may be thinking, "Colin, that’s a bit much to ask for". But we have a long-standing tradition in our family that when celebrating the anniversary of a family member’s birth we present that person with cards that say things like "Happy Birthday". Occasionally, even gifts are presented.
Sadly, I was informed by my mother that she hadn’t got round to getting me a card.
"Quite alright", thought I, "a present will do". In truth I’ve never been that bothered by cards – I’m more of a present sort of a guy.
"I haven’t got you a present either"
"Oh… that’s ok" I lied.

The reason for my mother’s recent decent into senility may be due to the birth of her first grandchild! Reasons for her other bouts of senility are still unclear*.
Thankfully, Mrs Eye and I were not the cause of this crisis but rather the blame lies with my sister and her husband (see blog links).

Other than having been superseded as the youngest in the family (and therefore the recipient of the greatest amount of affection) I’m really very excited about this new addition to the clan. This is the first time my brother and I have had the pleasure of being uncles and so far we’re quite enjoying it. In fact, it has been noted that we seem rather pleased with ourselves. My brother sent me a text on the day of young Ryan’s birth saying "I’m an uncle, therefore you must be one too. Well done us!" There is even photographic evidence:

This attitude was further reinforced when several days later we were heard complementing each other on the phone for being an uncle. Our sister tried to take some of the glory but we have ignored her and continued to revel in our uncledom.

So my birthday came and went and still there nothing from my mother. Not even a text or phone call on the day. It was, by this time, my mum’s birthday and so I sent a birthday text saying "hope you had a lovely day" etc. I thought this would at least provoke some sort of similar, reciprocated message.
Several minutes later (my mum, being a mother of grown ups, obviously can’t text at a rate faster than a word a minute) a reply came through: "Thanks". That was it. It’s nice to feel loved.

*Please note that actually I do love and respect my Mother.


GW said...

I notice you said your mother was "a mother of grown ups" - who did you have in mind? Morag perhaps? Anyway I suspect she was letting you down gently as you are now clearly too elderly for presents.

Lauren said...

Ahhhhhh I am drooling with laughter...hahaha, that is a funny post. Congratulations UNCLE COL!!!! Love the piccie :) Hoorah!

Uncle Chris said...

Well done Colin. A solid blog effort. Time for another methinks!

Uncle Andrew said...

Colin, is this it? Are you going to go down in history as a one-post wonder?

N&N said...

That's been like 3 months Colin!
Get it sorted!

Andrew said...

I notice, Colin, that you promised to share your unique outlook on life. I had thought that would mean an individual perspective, rather than a single post

Anonymous said...

anymore goings on to report?

Broon said...

Colin, are you wearing a manbag in that picture...?

NJ said...

Excellent spot Broon, definately a manbag!

Ryan said...

Wow, Colin. Your blog is back in date again!

F said...

....and give it another 7 months and you can celebrate the blog's 2nd anniversary with it's 2nd post!